Why Organic? Here’s What You Need to Know about This New Trend in Indian Cuisine

The future of organic products in India may be popularising slowly, but the success of this production is becoming increasingly important. As it happens, the organic food industry is expected to expand even further than it has already experienced as its popularity develops. With that in consideration, let us begin our discussion of organic food in India and Indian cuisine today! 

Most people have heard about it at least once while browsing organic food websites of their favourite health websites, but have you ever considered it to be an essential part of your life? If you haven't already, you should because the organic movement is all about eating pesticide- and chemical-free foods that can help you live a longer and healthier life.

Increase in organic food usage in India

Overuse of chemicals and synthetic composts, which results in low-quality sustenance, has encouraged millennials to seek a safer, better, and more sustainable way of eating. This has resulted in a thriving organic sector with rising demand, which is projected to continue in the coming years. As evidence of this tendency, you can always locate an organic version of any conventional food item you're accustomed to consuming. Everything has an organic counterpart, from lentils to spices to cooked organic meals.

Indian Food Culture

India has always been the country with the greatest emphasis on agriculture, and there was a period when India was blind without farmers and cultivations. At the same time, the truth remains the same, food production shortages are now a thing of the past. This gave rise to the concept of GM crops(Genetically modified crops), which allowed farmers to boost agricultural yield while doing so in a shorter amount of time. From here, a thriving era of chemical and pesticide use began, which can still be witnessed in the market today. 

Thankfully, Indian customers are no longer subjected to the same food scarcity that they once were. The majority of us can now choose food based on quality and safety, such as organic food or the best organic food brand in India. To begin our discussion, let's go over some brief facts concerning organic farming.

Basic advantages of organic food

Consumers are increasingly concerned about what they are consuming and how it affects the environment as they become more conscious of the necessity of having a healthy lifestyle. As it happens, organic farming has been shown to provide benefits related to each of these aspects. Here is a qualified list of some of them:

  • Bio-compost, which is safer than traditional and chemical-based fertilisers, is used to grow organic food. In other words, you should put your faith in the organic trend and everything it includes.
  • According to recent studies, organically cultivated foods have significantly more nutrients than conventionally grown meals. They also have a considerably lower pesticide dosage, making them safe to consume without the worry of consuming unknown toxins.
  • Organic farming employs environmentally friendly methods that reduce soil degradation and water contamination while also promoting biodiversity conservation.
  • Buying organic food, especially at farmer's markets, helps your community's economy by providing more jobs and keeping farmers prospering.

Future of organic food production in India

The Indian middle class's spending power is predicted to grow over time, implying that they will have more money to spend on organic products in India. With consumer tastes shifting from traditional to healthy and organic products, businesses and producers focus on offering what their customers want. The organic movement will only get stronger and more prevalent in the future, making it a critical area. For example, according to an EY report on the Indian Organic Market published in March 2018, the Indian Domestic Market is currently valued at Rs 40,000 MN. It is expected to grow from Rs 100,000 MN to Rs 120,000 MN by 2020.

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