Why choose organic? Unfolding the benefits of organic food staples

What is organic food?

Foods produced, prepared and processed without any chemical substances are referred to as organic food. This means that the use of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilisers and chemical preservatives by organic food production is eliminated in the process. As a result, organic foods are gaining popularity more and more because a large part of the population wants to know the benefits. The public is convinced that organic foods are healthier than conventional foods and that this is the main reason behind their growing demand over the past decade.

The choice of organic food is thus a trend that is growing in the world today after healthy self-improvement needs have been realised. However, it has always been confusing to find exact evidence about organic foods because people have different opinions about their full benefits.

So here are listed benefits of choosing organic food staples:

  • Improved overall health- As organic food is free of chemical fertilizers, they do not contain any toxic elements and do not adversely affect human health. In producing safe, healthier and smelting end food products, natural techniques such as green manure to fertilise the soil and crop rotation of pests and disease control work perfectly well. Furthermore, healthy food means healthy people and better food for people and animals to live better.
  • Antioxidant- In a number of scientific studies, in particular those derived from organic foods, the positive impact of antioxidants on general health was established. Because organic foods do not contain foreign chemical substances that normally react with vitamins, organics and minerals, thus reducing the main positive effects of antioxidants on food products.

Recent study suggests that organic food consumption can contribute to increased intake and limited exposure to heavy metals with nutrient-beneficial antioxidants. Prevention of heart disease, cancer, visionary issues, premature ageing and cognitive malfunctions are the positive impacts of antioxidants derived from organic products.

  • NO pesticides- Organic foods are pesticide-free and therefore are preferable to improve overall health. As pesticides have the power to keep certain harmful substances away from crops, they also have strong chemical substances such as organophosphorus.

These are unnatural chemicals and are mineral compounds which cause several human health abnormalities. For example, organophosphorus is associated with different disorders of development such as ADHD and autism. Organic foodstuffs thus offer better health, particularly for children that may be affected during the ages of their development by pesticide toxins.

  • Stronger immune system - Traditional or industrial agricultural practises seek by all necessary methods to improve production and agricultural production. The risk of declining the strength of immune systems is significantly reduced when eating organic foods because organic foods are not altered. In addition, organic foods contain higher quality vitamins and minerals to strengthen the immune system of humans.

You could still ask yourself this question at the end of the day to include organic staples in the meal and the response will be YES!. Organic is better for you! Explore a wide range of organic staples, from spices to pulses, candies to honey, everything under one roof, Planet Organic!

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