Which is more authentic: organic spices or conventional spices?

People often believe that organic farming is a fad; however, organic farming was once regarded as a common approach. When it comes to organic food, we normally buy organically cultivated rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, and so on, but we often overlook the spices. We probably don't think about them because we use them sparingly. Here are few of the reasons why you should replace common spices with organic herbs in your cooking.

Why should traditional spices be replaced?

The state of the soil: Did you know that the health of the soil plays a significant effect on the nutritional content of grown spices? The majority of brands grow herbs in big amounts utilizing traditional farming methods. To increase yield, they use various pesticides and poisons, which impact the health of the soil and the spice.

Harmful addictives: To avoid the formation of lumps and toxic substances such as sodium aluminosilicate, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium silicate, and silicon dioxide are frequently added to powdered spices. The worst aspect about utilizing these chemicals is that manufacturers are not required to list them on their packaging, so people are unaware that they are absorbing these poisons.

Pesticide overuse: One of the main reasons to convert to organically grown spices is that no biochemicals or artificial pesticides are used during growth. All herbs are grown using manure and bio-fertilizers, ensuring that you only ingest pure spice.

Use of dangerous fillers: To suit market demand, companies commonly add undesired fillers to spices. One of the most popular fillers is glutamic acid, which is not required by the human body.

Harmful sterilization methods: Before being packed and stored, non-organic spices are sterilized using two methods: fumigation and irradiation. Fumigation is a procedure that uses chemicals to kill germs and other microbes, and while it is effective, it is also exceedingly harmful to people. On the other hand, organic farms use safe sterilizing procedures such as steaming, which uses nothing but plain water.

Other benefits apart from above

  • Improves Immunity

Different spices and herbs are used in the diet to combat diseases and health problems by increasing immunity. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, cumin, and even saffron are incredibly useful for improving immunity, and utilizing organic herbs rather than ordinary spices aids in this attempt. 

  • Improved Herb and Spice Flavor

Organic seasoning is far healthier than conventional herbs and spices, but there is another reason to choose organic spices: taste. Organic spices include no extra chemicals or preservatives and are not tainted. This means that the flavour is far superior to that of traditional herbs.

  • Planet Organic Organic Spices Are Safe for the Environment

Global warming and climate change are not only academic issues, and the effects of climate change can be seen in every country on the earth. Organic farming employs environmentally sustainable farming methods, making it beneficial to the environment.

Organic spices are far healthier for your health and the environment, and many people include organic spices and herbs in their diets today.

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