Unravelling the goodness of organic nuts for a holistic lifestyle

Organic Nuts

India is waking up to the importance of nutritionally rich food products for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Accompanying them in this awakening are the surging options to choose healthier alternatives and buy organic food online, further made convenient by the availability of timely delivery of organic food products by companies. 

Organic nuts’ is a phrase one must be familiar with if they are a health enthusiast or belong to the wellness space in one way or another. It remains true that the type of impact food has on our bodies cannot be observed by the usage of anything else, and the same holds for organic nuts packed with nutrition and various health benefits. Over the years, people have awakened to its inclusion in their regular diet to provide an optimal dose of the much-needed nutrients to the body that they otherwise might be missing out on due to not so optimal food choices. For everyone's better understanding of organic nuts, they can be described as nutritionally dense foods that are plant-based such as almonds, cashews, pine nuts, etc. and withhold numerous health benefits for the body as they are grown organically. 

The popularity of organic nuts or dry fruits in the health world and their usage by individuals is due to the benefit they carry from being nutrition dense. They are a good source for energy-boosting and sustaining, supplementing our body with reasonable amounts of minerals and vitamins, making us more resilient to diseases.  

Health benefits of Organic nuts

Some nuts that have taken a forever space in our kitchen cabinets and lifestyle over the years include Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachio and others. It won't be too surprising if these names sound familiar to you because that is how frequent and popularized their usage is in our kitchens, daily meals and festivals, especially as a viable and convenient source for aiding weight loss. 

  • Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E and one of the most popularly consumed tree nuts. Besides being packed with Vitamin E, they are a rich source of Magnesium, Manganese and contain a high amount of fibre, minerals, antioxidants and significant protein content, contributing to health benefits like reduced blood sugar levels and weight loss. 
  • Other advantages offered by organic nuts include lowered cholesterol levels, such as the benefit extended by Pistachios loaded with Vitamin B6, anti-oxidants, proteins, carbs and fat. Walnuts are a great source of the plant form of Omega-3 fat that might be helpful in the reduction of heart risks in people who frequently yet moderately consume it.  Walnuts are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties due to being a rich source of plant compounds and nutrients. 
  • Cashews have low sugar content but are packed with plant proteins, fibres and healthy fats. They are also a good source of minerals such as Magnesium and Copper that are deemed crucial for immunity building, energy production and maintaining bone health. Cashews are also deemed beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels and improving heart health. Thus, providing a very balanced dose of nutrition to the body and helping keep lifestyle-induced diseases at bay, worsened by bad eating habits.  

Choosing organic nuts over conventional ones

However, another aspect worth exploring is whether the nuts produced conventionally retain these benefits when filled with chemicals and fertilizers. And even if they do, what are the chances that one might be able to achieve their aspiration of healthy living with these chemicals getting accumulated within their bodies posing a threat to their health and immunity. A better choice in this situation would be to enhance and work around the food choices one has, including a shift towards organic food items. Many organic alternatives for all the food items one would need to add to their meals are available in the market, and the same can be chosen for nuts to observe better health outcomes. Thus, making it necessary to align our food decision with our health goals and being more mindful of what we consume since food forms a significant part of our life and needs to be delicious and nutritious, which organic food doesn't fail to fulfil. 


PlanetOrganic India is making it easier and convenient for individuals to make healthy and better organic food choices with a wide range of product offerings including pulses, oils, grains etc. We are striving to create a better scenario of healthy living, with non-GMO and chemical-free food products readily accessible on one platform to enable people to tread on the path of a redefined lifestyle and better food decisions.

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