Surendra Kumar Sharma

I am an environmentalist, I know that our source of food i.e conventional agriculture is a hazard for our environment since more than 90% of agricultural production is driven by the use of extensive chemicals in the form of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. I recommend everyone eat organic as organic farming techniques do not involve the use of any artificial chemical and help the environment to replenish the soil and water. Planet Organic is one of the most environmentally friendly organic food organizations in the world. It serves 100% organic food ensuring purity as well as conservation of our earth.

Surendra Kumar Sharma (Environmentalist)
Dr. HS Yadav

I am a doctor and I know the harm is done to our body by pesticides and in my years of practice, I have seen cases of pesticide poisoning in humans. Pesticides are actually used to kill insects and they cause harmful effects like cancer and infertility in humans, mostly affecting the bodies of young and old ones. Thus I use only organic food and my trusted brand is Planet Organic. You can see the grains of pulses by Planet Organic, they are raw with no artificial polishing or shine. They are the best in class and worth every rupee spent. I keep my family safe from diseases and rather healthy thanks to Planet Organic and their organic kitchen, grocery shopping has been more convenient than ever.

Dr. HS Yadav (Medical Practitioner)
Isha Kapoor

Planet Organic’s organic kitchen subscription has made grocery shopping so convenient with no hassle of going anywhere. Doorstep delivery of my monthly groceries with a predefined list. Thanks to planet organic for making my life that much easier.

Isha Kapoor (Housewife)
Yash Sethi

I am a husband and dad and enjoy preparing weekend meals for my family with little skills in the kitchen but the premade recipe package Qabooli biryani made me a star chef in the midst of my friends and family. It’s so easy to cook with all the ingredients ready and step by step instructions. The combination of health and taste has given a new meaning to cooking. I would recommend everyone to try this recipe once on any occasion or just to treat your kids.

Yash Sethi (Director – SHD Pvt. ltd.)
Meena Pandey

Planet Organic’s health initiative has given me a new point of view and has opened my eyes to problems with the food that we had always been consuming and serving our family. Organic food by Planet Organic is my first choice, the trust I have in them is unbreakable.

Meena Pandey (Administrator)
Mily Ghildiyal

Working as an HR in different MNCs and NGOs I have if I have realized something it’s that a satisfyingly paid employee gives out the best results. Similarly, if we feed our body with the best our body will also reward us with optimized efficiency. organic food does just that for our bodies. So to be the best version of yourself I recommend everyone to consume Planet Organic’s organic products. I am proud to say that I am associated with such a huge brand. Hope you do the same for yourself too.

Mily Ghildiyal
Mayuri Khandelwal

I have started using the entire range of kitchen supplies provided by Planet Organic. Their Organic kitchen model is super, no hassle of listing and shopping the items from the grocery store, carrying them into my house. With the organic kitchen subscription, I need not make a list ever again and everything just reaches my doorstep every month and I pay for it there and then. Thanks, Planet Organic for making my life a bit easier and doing my groceries for me.

Mayuri Khandelwal
Dilip Kumar

Last week I was so busy that I couldn’t take out some time to buy groceries for my home. So my friend recommended to me planet organic India. Trust me! It is a one-stop-shop for all the 100% organic groceries need. Now I recommend Planet Organic India to all my friends and family.

Dilip Kumar (Project Manager)
Imtiyaz Alam

If you want to buy Certified Organic Groceries for your kitchen, I would recommend Planet Organic India. This place is the amalgamation of best deals at the best price. The quality of the product is brilliant. You should try Planet Organic India’s 100% Organic & Certified Products.

Imtiyaz Alam (Taxation Manager)

Finally the search for purity is over…

Anita Arora

Hello everyone !

Firstly I would like to extend my gratitude to my dearest friend who introduced me to this awesome authentic brand ‘Planet Organic ‘.Thank you planet organic team ! More power to you guys ✌

Being an avid fan of organic products ever since the concept had just revolutionised India,my journey in it continued even while I lived back in Japan and England.
On return to India I found myself switching from one organic brand to another as the sites were flooded with multiple choices,unfortunately not up to my satisfaction as most of the organic brands would smell of pesticides leave aside other benefits hence leaving a big question mark .

Today I’m super delighted to tell the readers to have finally found a Brand which stands true to it’s commitments.
I have used mostly half the range of Planet organic products and found them to be of extremely high and pure quality.
Texture, smell, taste I’m in love with all…pure is the word.

Request planet organic to keep adding more and more products to their list and wish them good in their future endeavors.

Cheers ✌

Anita Arora


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