Why You Should Choose Organic Products Over Conventional Products!

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Studies prove that conventional products are not safe for our health!

The rapid increase in population has become an alarming call for us. The major concern which has arisen due to this issue is demand.

And when we say demand, it includes all the possible thing that someone needs to carry out their livelihood smoothly.

Food is one of the essential that a human need to survive in his life. We can see that the demand for food has been rapidly increasing. To fulfil the demand, people carry out such activities, which makes food unhealthy and impure.

This makes us believe that the era of organic is back! People are accepting that organic is healthy, pure and tastier than conventional products. As we know, organic products are organically grown without using any synthetic fertilizer.

Do you know? Conventional products are exploited in all possible ways. We are not saying this but, the studies and research have proved it. You might be keen to know about the study, we shall tell you in a brief.
Renowned and trustable web portal, The Guardian has published an article on “Rat poison found in bodies of 80% of American eagles”. You must be wondering, what is there to talk about it and how it is related to organic products.
As per reports by The Guardian, The poison discovered was anticoagulant rodenticide, which is branded in the US as d-Con or Havoc. Consumption of rats, which are a major source of food for eagles, is believed by researchers to be responsible for the inadvertent ingestion of the rat poison.

Well, this shows that the soil on which conventional products are grown is not pure and contain poison. And it has to be believed that if not poison then, synthetic pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used to produce conventional products. Which becomes harmful for our health. And if we talk about the organic product, farmers use bio compost khaad to produce. No chemical and other harmful substitutes are used in organic farming.
What all makes the organic product different from conventional products?

  • Supports Healthier Community
  • Supports Pollinators
  • Rich in Nutrients
  • No Artificial Fertilizers
  • Safe Farming Methods
  • No Use of Radiations
  • No Food Additives
  • No Genetically Modified Seed
    Now, you have an idea about how conventional products are not good for our health and we should start consuming 100% organic certified products.

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