Regular spices vs organic spices: Make the best choice for you & your family

Organic Spices

Several misconceptions and inhibitions about organic food are floating in the market due to the increased dialogue and commentary around it caused by its growing popularity and awareness. One of them being that imbibing organic food in one's life is a trend and a fad, which couldn't be any farther from the truth as its roots are embedded in our traditions. In earlier times, the crops were grown organically and without chemicals, which significantly contributed to the better health, immunity, resistance and overall energy of the previous generations. Now people are awakening to this phenomenon and consciously making a shift in their food choices. There has been a surge in the purchase of online organic products with the increasing number of organic grocery stores and e-commerce portals. 

However, despite these positive and healthier choices, one point of consideration is that while we incorporate organic alternatives like grains, pulses and sugar in our meals, we fail to consider the spices frequently used in our cooking. One might even think that since we use them in a moderate amount, is it even that important to make that transition. Depending upon one’s preference and convenience, people can even opt for cheap organic spices delivery if they don’t want to undertake the hassle of monthly shopping, which is a service extended by the best organic food brands in India, such as PlanetOrganic India.

Thus, to make this choice easier and clearer for you, here are a few points that showcase the reasons why ditching the regular spices might be a better decision. 

The health of the soil

One might already be aware that the health of the soil on which the spices are grown or any other crop for that matter is the deciding factor of the nutritional value it will have. The conventional method used by most brands entails a process in which the spices are produced in larger quantities with methods more focused on generating higher yields than retaining a high magnitude of nutrition. Toxins, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers are used to achieve that, ultimately compromising on the health benefits of the spices we consume. This is one major reason why organic spices are an optimal decision. 

Saying 'No' to additives

Added additives are something that one cannot avoid consuming if they use regular or conventional spices in their cooking. These additives include silicon dioxide, sodium aluminosilicate, calcium silicate, sodium ferrocyanide, which help avoid lump formation in powdered spices but are retained in the spices. A critical point that many might be unaware of is that many companies refrain from disclosing these chemicals added in the spices on the packaging of products that might mislead many people or individuals who are more conscious about what they consume. 

Usage of pesticides

Choosing organic spices over regular spices ensures that one is ingesting a purer and healthier alternative as they are grown using bio-fertilizers and manure. Thus, avoiding artificial pesticides added to the crops during the cultivation period, which doesn't get removed as many times one washes it.  

Opting for better sterilization methods

Fumigation and Irradiation are two extremely harmful methods used for sterilizing conventional spices before packing and shelving them, wherein chemicals are utilized to kill the bacteria and microbes, contributing to their toxicity when ingested. On the other hand, organic spices involve natural sterilization methods that don't contain harmful possibilities for the human body, such as steaming accomplished with water.  

Thus, judging from the points mentioned above, it can be discerned that organic spices are a wider choice in terms of maintaining one's health and not hindering the positive outcome of other organic food items one might be using. 


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