Organic Rice: Opting for a healthier alternative for your food staples

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Many people might be familiar with the phrase that ' You are what you eat.' That stands very true in not just basic daily life but also when we are consciously moving towards a change that will prove more beneficial for the health of one's body. Health is not just about the hours spent in the gym, meditation sessions and yoga but also majorly about how you care for your body by consuming the right food items that are nutritious and chemical-free, especially when it comes to our staples. 

A regular meal in any household in India is incomplete without flour and rice; thus, it becomes crucial to ensure that something that we consume on such a large magnitude is in the best interest of our health. It is essential to understand that what we ingest is laden with chemicals or not and if there is a scope to pick healthier alternatives like organic products in India.

Maintaining healthy eating habits is critical all time around. However, creating a sustainable lifestyle is even more crucial in summers when our discipline and resolve falls prey to the allure of ice creams, milkshakes, sundaes, cold beverages and scrumptious meals before a hearty nap in the afternoon. A great option presented in front of us in this situation is to optimize our regular meal choices to align with our health goals. Substituting our staples like rice, flour and pulses with organic food options and buying online organic groceries can provide a healthy start without the need of introducing significant changes in one's life. 

Making better choices of staples regularly consumed 

When it comes to the staple rice, there is much to say. It is consumed all over the world and in much larger quantities in Asian countries. People have a love-hate relationship with it as some stay away from it to maintain their dream weight while others follow the principle of moderation and better alternatives to still savour rice by including it in their meals. Rice comes in various colours, shapes, sizes and functions, with white rice being most popularly used but brown rice winning the crown for being more healthier. It is a fact that irrespective of what colour or size, rice is something that everyone enjoys, and one cannot miss out on it for satiating themselves. 

There are many benefits that rice has that are taken to another level if it is organic. Making a switch to a better alternative for our staples ensures that the health benefits are accentuated without posing any potential health difficulties or such possibilities. Every form of rice contains a good amount of carbohydrates, a small amount of protein and negligible quantities of fat. However, brown rice is a complete package with a carb-rich endosperm, the nutritious germ, fibrous bran while being loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. 

Health benefits of rice

One can reap numerous health benefits by going for an organic rice alternative, predominantly brown rice, which includes lower blood sugar levels and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes due to its high concentration of fibre and magnesium. Its regular consumption in limited quantities aids in keeping the body healthy in the long run also contributes very effectively to the weight loss efforts of individuals, which has been researched and proven scientifically. However, one wouldn't want in any situation for these health benefits to be jarred by added chemicals, fertilizers, preservatives and additives that accumulate in the body and pose potential health threats. 

Thus, while ensuring healthy eating habits, it is equally essential to make optimal and appropriate food choices to make the body’s overall wellbeing a reality. And organic food items like organic rice can play an influential role by being a go-to alternative as a staple to be consumed in our regular and frequent meals. 

PlanetOrganic India, one of the best organic grocery brands in India, is transforming the organic market scenario by offering a product range that is varied, cost-efficient and easily accessible. From pulses and grains to sugar and oils, we extend almost every organic food item that one needs in their kitchen and life on just one platform to make healthy and sustainable living a reality.

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