Organic Jaggery: Packed with delicious sweetness & health benefits

Turning to a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean bidding farewell to desserts and sweetness from life. Many options to substitute refined sugar are available. But they do more harm than good in most cases. In the long term, artificial sweeteners are harder than white sugar. There is, however, a much healthier and equally sweet alternative. Organic jaggery is the healthiest sugar replacement that is naturally obtained. It helps to alleviate the overall health of the whole family when carefully selected as a sugar alternative. Organic jaggery is available in three different forms - powder, blocks, and fluid. Organic jaggery can be easily found in stores like Planet Organic.

Must know benefits of organic jaggery

  1. Detoxification of liver- Being a natural body cleanser organic jaggery can remove a portion of your liver workload. At the end of any big meal consuming jaggery helps your digestive system to function better.
  2. Avoid iron deficiency- Jaggery is an outstanding source of iron, essential for haemoglobin production in the body. Most women can handle symptoms such as cramps, mood swings and abdominal pain by eating a jaggery every day. The consumption of a small jaggery can meet your daily iron needs. For Anaemia patients this is highly recommended.
  3. Low in calories- Jaggery is much lower in calories compared to table sugar, but sweeter than table sugar. Sugar results in increased weight, but jaggery helps retain water in the body and thus promotes weight loss. Organic jaggery has multiple vitamins like iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Ayurveda says that chemicals-free jaggery is an exceptional remedy for respiratory disorders. Jaggery helps clear the way and handles chest congestion while sugar does not have any health benefits.
  4. Improved digestion- By helping to move bowels, jaggery activates digestive enzymes in our body. Our ancestors were right when they told us to eat sweet food after dinner. It helps the digestion and prevents constipation after eating a piece of jaggery.
  5. Prevent and treat flu-like symptoms- This magical natural sweetening agent monitors the energy level if used for a long time. Having Jaggery in your diet can easily cure the most common problems such as cough, cold, bloating, water retention, migraines, etc. Just mix a spoonful of jaggery powders in a glass of warm water or use organic jaggery, instead of sugar in your tea/coffee.
  6. Purifies the blood- Natural blood purifiers are not lacking, but none of them are available in the versatile form of jaggery. Jaggery helps to flush toxins out of the body and purify your blood, whether liquid or powder-formed.
  7. Rich in carbohydrates- Carbohydrates can be primarily bad for your diet but it does not require admonishment for all kinds of carbohydrates. Some like jaggery can be eaten in many ways and can work miracles for your body by maintaining health and fitness.

While sugar is a simple blood-absorbing carbon hydrocarbon that immediately generates energy, jaggery provides the body with energy, gradually and for longer periods of time. 

Include your diet with organic jaggery from Planet Organic.

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