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The buzz around the healthy living domain about making conscious choices of what we consume and feed our body is not something relatively new. The concept of organic products in India or elsewhere being starkly different from conventional and regular food options is deeply rooted in our scientific findings as well as our forgotten traditions that largely contributed to better health outcomes during those times. 

The answer to this prevalent heated debate between organic and non-organic remains in the name itself, with the word organic representing or referring to the farming methods used to produce the food. An absence or highly reduced presence of preservatives, other sorts of chemicals like fertilizers is what organic insinuates in the context of food also. Thus, making it mandatory for any food item to be free from any chemicals or additives to be labelled as organic. 

The other question that quickly follows after building an understanding of organic and non-organic is how does one spot out which food is organic. One can keep a tab on the ingredient list mentioned at the back of food packaging for this purpose wherein the mention of artificial colours, Phthalates, Perchlorate and Perfluoroalkyl Chemicals (PFCs) indicate that the food was infused with chemicals during its growing process and can prove detrimental to the body in the longer run. 

Another way that one can easily demarcate between organic and non-organic food is by being on the lookout for items that are certified organic, which is a more concrete basis of differentiation since certification from bodies like Indian Organic, USDA, Jaivik Bharat is based on certain protocol and acts as a proof being authentically organic. An increasing trend in the number of organic grocery stores and convenient options for purchasing organic products online has been observed in India with a tremendous rise in demand, which is moving up with a steady growth rate.

Now that the basic knowledge regarding the organic food alternative and its counterpart has been established, here are a few points highlighting some facts related to organic vs non-organic food to help you make the optimal decision for yourself. 

Absence of added chemicals and pesticides

The purity and healthiness of organic food are attributed to the natural ways used for growing crops that are devoid of the utilization of pesticides and chemicals. This forms the basis as to why organic food is a better choice for a sustainably healthy lifestyle. 

Lower Levels of Nitrate

According to certain tests conducted, a striking difference has been found between crops that are grown organically and non-organically.  It has been researched that organic food contains 30% fewer Nitrate levels in comparison to its counterpart. 

Loaded with Nutrition

It is not a new finding that organic food contains higher nutritional value than regular food. A high level of antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C and others collectively work to enhance the body's resistance to lifestyle-induced diseases such as cardiovascular disease now and in future when ageing adds to the deterioration of bodily functions. 

A step towards a better world

One's decision to go organic in their food choices can, while being more healthy and nutritious, can also contribute to the reality of reduced environmental pollution. It can help promote and boost organic farming methods to cater to the existing demand and positively affect the health of a community and a nation on a larger scale. 

Thus, it won't be an understatement to say that small decisions today can help shape a better future for you and your family while positively influencing the environment. Thus, picking organic food is similar to saying 'yes' to better health outcomes and a significant pollution reduction. 

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