5 Health Benefits of Organic Cloves

Organic cloves

Cloves is one the popular herb. People use clove oils, dried flower buds, leaves, and stems to make the medicine. It contains calcium, iron, and protein. Also, it contains potassium and dietary fibers, and various other nutrients. 

Organic cloves are organically grown without using any synthetic chemicals. Hence, it is safe and healthy for you to consume in your daily life. It has a strong flavor which takes the cuisines up to the next level.

It is known as the best source of energy. You must have seen cloves in a lot of cuisines. Have you ever tried organic cloves? Organic cloves are much more flavourful than conventional cloves. It is much healthier and tasty to eat and add to your dishes.

In ayurvedic medicine, cloves have played a vital role. It is used to make medicine for decades now. And eating it raw or in the food adds more benefits to your health.

For your information, it is aromatic spices derived from the flower buds of an evergreen tree which is known as Syzygium Aromaticum. In this blog, let us see its usage and various health benefits.

Helps In Quick Digestion:

Do you know? Organic cloves have Eugenol. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Organic clove oil (extracted from organic cloves) helps to reduce the pressure of the gas. Gas put a lot of pressure on our stomach and other organs of the body. This situation may lead to several health issues. To avoid such a situation organic clove oil is used for its goodness. It helps to support the stomach and reduce the pressure created by the gas. Also, it helps to eliminate the waste from the stomach.

Resolves Dental Problems:

As we know, clove has several health benefits and medicinal properties. Hence, it helps to reduce the pain in the tooth and fight the bacteria at its best. It is beneficial to treat gum problems and gingivitis. You must have noticed that cloves are being used as the key ingredients in several branded toothpaste. 

Best Medicine for Acne:

If you have acne issues, which many youngsters have in their teenage. Organic clove is an in-house remedy to treat and finish acne from its core. If you want its best result then, you have to follow this simple and easy process. Mix one teaspoon of organic clove powder with some organic honey and apply to acne. Let it dry and rinse off. You will notice the visible changes in few days. Please check if you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, do consult with the doctor and then use any home remedy on your skin.  

Good for Bones:

Organic cloves are said to preserve bone density and mineral content of the bones. Also, it helps to increase the tensile strength of bones in osteoporosis. Other than this, if you are eating organic cloves in your regular diet (in the form of food), it is effective and blesses you with its benefits.

Say Goodbye to Stress:

Do you consume flavored organic tea? If yes, then you have tried clove-flavored green tea. Well, it has amazing health benefits. Organic cloves calm the nerves, which makes them ideal, to treat stress and anxiety. Also, it uplifts your mood and makes you feel happier.

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