Low-Fat Diet: Is it a necessity for a healthy heart

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PlanetOrganic India, as an online organic store with a wide range of organic products, enables one to make healthier food choices in life. Besides our organic products, we also strive for creating resources that can positively impact others' health outcomes as a direct influence of their food choice. Hence the following text highlighting the Importance of a holistic dietary pattern and chemical-free food items. 

One of the most popular notions related to maintaining the healthy state of one's heart is consuming a low-fat diet and staying away from food items that are sources of fat. However, over the years, a new sort of development in terms of a diet optimal for a healthy heart has happened with institutions like the American Heart Association changing their advisory efforts. As a result, low-fat diets are no longer being touted as the holy grail for maintaining a healthy heart, wherein the attention has moved towards advisory embedded with holistically healthy dietary patterns. Rather than completely boycotting fatty food products, the focus has become to emphasize grains, vegetables, beans and more as a part of one's meal and reducing the quantity of meat, eggs and sweets consumed. 

One major point of consideration in people's dietary patterns should be the kind of products being consumed- whether they are processed, unprocessed, injected with chemicals, organic or inorganic, GMO-free or not. However, a diet low in saturated fat doesn't necessarily mean that one would witness a lowered cardiovascular risk; thus, it is unnecessary to completely cut down on products such as dairy and meat. In contrast, the efforts should be directed towards bringing about possible, sustainable and controllable changes like minimizing saturated fat consumption with a more plant-based diet and a switch towards organic food alternatives to avoid chemical buildup in your body. 

A view in the dietary patterns of the past

During the 1980s, people started consuming higher levels of carbohydrates to cut down fat in their diets by making pasta, bread, low-fat sweetened yoghurt, and more a regular part of their daily meals. But, unfortunately, what emerged from a cause of reducing heart health risks eventually became the culprit for aggravated health concerns such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. 

In addition, unhealthy carbohydrates encouraged overeating as they leave one feeling hungry within a few hours and contributed to unhealthy weight gain. However, the matter of concern was not just restricted to this; people were losing out on possible health benefits of unsaturated fats and the satisfying taste of items like avocados, fish, nuts and seeds. Thus reinforcing the thought that it is not just about completely removing or adding nutrients like carbohydrate or fat from one's diet; it is about the choices we make regarding the quantity and quality of food products we consume. 

Dietary solutions for good health optimal for present times

Similarly, in the present times, when an ultra low-fat diet is suggested to someone, it leads to a situation where one has to suddenly stop consuming animal-based products such as meat, egg, fish and refined carbohydrates. But what it fails to consider is the difficulties associated with sustaining such dietary patterns, the loss of goodness derived from unsaturated fats and the benefits of nuts, seeds and more. Therefore, extreme diets are not conducive and necessary for maintaining good health. A Mediterranean-style diet can serve as a beneficial solution to such predicament by being satisfying, holistic, tasty and known for reducing heart health risks from a clinical standpoint. 

Here are a few dietary suggestions that take a cue from the Mediterranean style while remaining highly relevant to the Indian diet scenario

  1. Make changes in your snacking patterns by reaching out to raw nuts such as almonds, cashews, pinenuts, walnuts and more with no added sugar or salt. 
  2. Incorporating greens in regular meals in the form of salads or adding them to other food products one regularly consumes, such as gram flour crepes and oats. 
  3. Consume more whole grains regularly instead of refined flour such as barley, brown rice and more available fairly easily in India. 
  4. Incorporate legumes such as lentils, chickpeas and beans in one's meals which is also a good source of protein and increase the portion of vegetables on your plate while eating. 
  5. Cut down on processed food items, sugary products such as cakes and pastries. Instead, choose fresh fruits and fresh juices. Consume meat moderately and combine it with vegetables to ensure that one keeps the meal nutritionally balanced. 

The Importance of choice of products consumed daily 

One major consideration often neglected by many is to actively read the type of ingredients and food items one is utilizing in their cooking. This will allow one to deeply ponder the impact of their food choices on their health as something as nutritious as a vegetable suddenly becomes detrimental to health when filled with chemicals or grown while using chemical fertilizers and insecticides. A decision to move towards healthier alternatives will take you to the domain of chemical-free organic food products produced through organic farming practices. When consumed daily and frequently, organic food doesn't expose one to the risk of chemical accumulation within the body and potential health risks associated with that. 


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