Go All Organic: Reasons to Start Eating Organic

Organic food products have exploded in popularity over the last two decades. Or say people are trying to return to their roots by yet again opting for the food in the authentic form as it should be. People choose organic eating for many reasons, including decreasing pesticide intake, health benefits, and matters over the environment and animal well-being. There can be any Nth number of reasons why people are opting for Organic food. We will discuss all those reasons in this article after a while, but before that, let's get it clear what exactly organic food is all about: 

What is Organic Food? 

Organic food is not as such any particular form of food. Going by the organic food definition, it refers to the way food is produced. Organic food is produced without growth regulators, artificial chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or livestock feed additives. Organically produced crops use natural fertilizers such as compost to help improve plant growth.

Now, coming to the reasons why you must opt for Organic Food: 

Organic Foods Contain Fewer Pesticides
One of the most important reasons why people decide to move to organic food is to avoid artificial chemicals and pesticides. Pesticides are any matter used to kill, repel, or control specific plant or animal life forms deemed "pests." Conventionally bred plants consist of a mixture of pesticides, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, disinfectants, and mixtures related to controlling rodents. Consuming organic food will naturally reduce exposure to pesticide residue, which is more likely to be found in non-organic crops. 

Organic Food Is Fresher 
After food is reaped, it starts to lose nutrients. This is true for both conventional and organic food. Organic food doesn't contain any additives; it doesn't keep going as long as regular food. Along these lines, organic food is regularly sold before being picked, settling on the fresher decision. 

Organic Food Consists of Additional Health Benefits 
Emerging research has shown a lot of studies depicting the link between human health and eating patterns. Observational studies in children and infants have linked organic foods to a lower risk of allergies and eczema in children and infants. Further studies have also found that eating a full-fledged organic diet and keeping you fit, and fine can also benefit the reproduction and immunity system and reduce the risk of weight gain. 

Organic Food Adds Outstanding Flavors To Food 
Taste is subjective, yet you're bound to get a more flawless flavor with organic food. Natural food sources do exclude fake additives, so they sit on the rack for less time, and buyers get a fresher, better-tasting item. Organic natural food sources are truly where taste contrasts come in. Organic food varieties don't contain counterfeit compound flavors, so the genuine taste of the food radiates through. For instance, try a taste test between organic and non-organic honey. Organic honey poses a flavor that is more authentic, fresh, and revitalizing. Interestingly, the conventional preferences taste like they were prepared with a lot of amalgamation. 

Organic Farming Is Better for The Environment 
Organic farming is shown to have a variety of sustainable benefits, including improved soil quality, reduced energy use, increased crop biodiversity, reduced water pollution, reduced work and environmental exposure to pesticides, and reduced antibiotics resistance (via animal agriculture). There are a variety of things in which organic farming helps nature to flourish; a few among those things are: 

  • Organic farming restores soil health and stops dangerous chemicals from getting into our water supplies. Water and soil are two remarkably important resources needed for growing food.
  • Organic farming results in greater biodiversity.
  • Organic farming discharges less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Organic farmers don't rely on non-renewable oil-based fertilizers and pesticides we may not forever have access to.

How To Know If One Is Buying Organic 
With the plethora of deliverers in the market pledging to offer the most organic and natural products, it isn't easy to decide the authenticity. Therefore, if you are looking for the parameters to determine if it is important to look for claims such as if it is 100% Organic or not, if the product is made using the organic ingredients or not, or if it is certified organic or not. 
If we start jotting down the organic food benefitsthen the list is endless as they are filled with goodness. But the ones mentioned above are the most important ones which one must know to make an informed choice. 

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