Factors influencing the high growth of the organic food sector in India

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India is in the midst of a revolution- a change geared towards inculcating healthier habits and imbibing better food choices. We are slowly but steadily making the transition from conventional food items packed with chemicals to organic products in India, as reflected by the massive boost in the organic market sector of our country. Consumers are becoming more conscious and paying heed to a sustainable and optimal lifestyle for their overall wellbeing, which ultimately includes chemical-free and non-GMO food alternatives.

India is pretty high on the list of nations that engage in organic agriculture, which is still increasing as the collective impact of many factors. The numbers we observe associated with the producers, exporters, processors, and masses of land under natural cultivation India has are also of a significant magnitude. However, there is always some scope to take that number to another level as a result of the various components doing their part in magnifying the demand for organic food and fulfilling it. 

Here are a few reasons for boosted organic cultivation in India and the factors influencing the growth of the organic food sector in the coming years. 

More awareness and health consciousness

With more awareness, the priorities of the people have changed. Health has become a core component of wellbeing, and individuals see merit in adopting an organic lifestyle considering that they are noticing changes and result around them with increased buzz. People are actually reading the product labels, making an effort to understand what they are consuming through their food choices. Also, the high accessibility to online information along with the possibilities of readily purchasing organic products online through digital evolution is aiding the process. People are spotting and consuming resources that highlight the harmful effects of chemicals and fertilizers on the human body and are exercising their privilege of choice to redefine their lifestyle. Ultimately, this shift is tiding the demand for organic food to greater heights. 

A rise in demand abroad

It has been observed that the demand for Indian organic food is rising steadily on a global scale that will influence and motivate a switch to organic cultivation to meet these increasing demands. Each year there has been a good percentage of increase in the exported Indian organic products, with a jump from $370 million in 2016-17 to $515 million in 2017-18 and more in the subsequent years. In fact, according to the Commerce Ministry, India’s exports for organic food have witnessed a startling boost to $ 1 Billion in 2020-21 with a year-on-year growth of 51%. It is expected that this growing trend is here to stay for some time, with consumer behaviours changing for their betterment. 

High Disposable income and shifting priorities

There have been some changes in the availability of resources to the working class for improving quality of life. With more disposable income on hand and more awareness, it has become a natural course of action for people to prioritize their and their family's health, especially when sedentary lifestyle is a major issue and lifestyle-induced diseases are a significant concern. People are even willing to pay premium prices if that means a better shot at healthy, organic and nutritious living, given the trend of high disposable income and a need for getting the best for themselves and their loved ones. 

Operational efficiency

With time to meet the increasing demand for organic food, a positive change and development is being thought out in the supply chain management. The most challenging part of organic food is that it becomes difficult to efficiently supply the products to the end consumers as they have a pretty short shelf-life making the costs and logistics involved with the distribution inefficient. Locally grown organic products need to reach processing plants from farms and then to consumers, which positively requires high efficiency in operations and supply chain management. 

Government support

Several schemes have been deliberated and launched by the Government of India to promote organic cultivation for farmers too, with several state governments doing their part in bringing about that change. Incentivized organic farming will play a massive role in boosting the growth of the organic sector in India, with more farmers showing interest in it and one such example of an initiative by the government is The National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). 

Thus the nation is gearing to welcome this change with open arms, and many individuals are slowly replacing their food options with better tasting and nutritious alternatives. 


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