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What do you think about yourself?

Are you healthy and fit?

Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

What efforts you do in your daily life to stay healthy?

What do you understand by good health?

Let us find the answer to all the above question in this blog!

What all factors leads to good health?


Doing regular exercise helps to stay fit and active in your daily lifestyle.

Balance diet

The intake of required nutrition is important for our body and immune system to stay healthy.


The body needs rest. Completing 7-8 hours of sleep is a must. You might feel lazy and stressful for the whole day. 

Stay away from stress!

Stay away from mental stress. People nowadays spend their life with a lot of stress. We need to remove all the worries from our mind. Meditation and yoga are the best to bring back your mind in peace.

Good eating habits 

Eating healthy is very important to stay fit. Nowadays, people crave to eat junk food which provides them with several medical emergencies. So eating healthy and fresh is a must in daily lifestyle.

In this blog, we shall focus on healthy eating habits.

When we talk about eating healthy, the first thing that comes to our mind is organic products. Organic products are those products that are organically grown without using any harmful pesticides and chemicals. These products are rich in nutrition and provide you with various health benefits.

There is a diverse range of organic products. Let us see the categories in which you can shop pure, healthy, certified and 100% organic products.

Cereals, Pulses & Flour

In this category, you get options to buy Organic Basmati Rice (White), Organic Arhar Dal, Organic Besan, Moong (Green Gram Whole), Organic Maida, Organic Kabuli Chana, Organic Multi-Grain Atta, etc. There are endless organic products available in this category.

Salts & Spices

There are various types of Himalayan salts such as rock, black, white, etc. Not only this, you get multiple varieties of spices such as organic black pepper, organic turmeric powder, organic red chilli powder, organic amchur powder, organic cinnamon, organic dry ginger powder.

Oil & Oil Seeds

Consuming Organic Oil is safe for our health. You get organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic virgin coconut oil, natural ghee (NPOP) and a lot more on the Planet Organic India website. These natural and pure oil not only makes your dishes super delicious but also add a good amount of nutrition into it.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits add a lot to your diet. We provide pure and natural almonds, Goan organic cashew, and juicy organic raisins. The taste and quality of organic dry fruits are the best. You will only understand when you will taste it. So, Order Now!!  

Processed Food

Nowadays, people are busy that they don’t cook frequently. They always find an easy way to cook food. And processed food is the best for them. Processed food includes Organic Corn Flakes, Organic CTC Tea (Masala Tea), Organic Jaggery Powder, Organic Oat Flakes, Organic Wheat Suji Pasta (Penne), Organic Wheat Suji Rawa (Small) and Organic White Rice Poha. These items are available on the Planet Organic India Website.

You get a special spring discount up to 20% on all products (Use code: SPRING20). Also, you get a discount up to 35% on the organic kitchen. The concept of an organic kitchen is so unique. You can order monthly organic groceries with a click. You can easily edit the groceries list as per your need and requirements. You get easy payment options.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Planet Organic India and place your order now!

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