5 Healthy Tips to Boost your Immunity and make you healthy

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We are aware of the fact that the situation of the whole world is not good. We all are going through a lot since the past several months. But now it is high time to make ourselves ready to fight the situation.

You must be thinking how? Yes, we can do it. We have to make our immunity system stronger to fight against any virus or flu. Consuming organic products would help us to make it possible.

Below are some recommended changes that you should bring in your lifestyle to feel the drastic change in your immunity system. 

Immunity Booster Drink

Immunity Booster Drink

Make your favourite immunity booster drink. You can add Lemon, Ginger, Honey or all three with warm water to make your drink. Take this drink daily to reinforce your immunity. In the winter season, we usually prefer to drink tea or coffee. But try this warm drink, you will love it. It is the perfect dose for stress relief and helps you to feel fresh and calm. We are sure you will not regret drinking this healthy drink.

A dose of Vitamin C

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Various health organizations have recommended us to consume citrus fruits in daily routine. Citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is full of antioxidant that improves high blood pressure, protects your memory. Also, lower the risk of heart attack, prevent iron deficiency, boost immunity, save you from cold and cough. If you want to reinforce your immune system, you should start consuming fruits such as oranges, lemon, limes, amla, which are rich in Vitamin C.

Take Benefits from Flavours

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Herbs like Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Neem, lemongrass and Curry leaves have brilliant benefits of it. These herbs not only add flavours to dishes but provide several health benefits too. Also, these herbs are the core ingredients of various types of skincare products. Many people consume these herbs directly to stay healthy. These herbs help us from many health problems such as asthma, bronchitis, colds, congestion, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Herbal Tea is Magic

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Many people love to drink tea to kick-start their day. Do you know? Drinking too much tea or coffee could be harmful to us. It may reduce the absorption of iron in the body, increase anxiety, stress and restlessness. Also, you might face headache, sleeping problem, heartburn and several other complications. It is time to switch on to green tea or herbal tea to stay fit and fine. Herbal tea has various health benefits such as it reduce the risk of cancer, makes metabolism stronger. Also, you get rid of bad breaths, prevents you from heart disease, burn extra fat of the body.  You will only get this benefit if you consume organically grown green tea.

Golden Nuts & Seeds

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You must have heard your mom asking you to have almonds with a glass of milk daily. You know why? Because almond sharpens your brain and memory, promote weight loss, lower cholesterol level, and lower the blood pressure. Similarly, we have several other healthy nuts and seeds such as dates, flaxseeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, cashew, raisins and pine nuts. These nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients. It provides us with Zinc, Magnesium, Omega 3 and many others. That is why we called these nuts as golden nuts.

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